Charlie Picerni has lived quite a life.  He is a very accomplished self-made man from both a personal and professional standpoint.  Corona Queens, New York is where Charlie started his life born to Italian parents.  He has two children of his own from his first marriage.  Growing up in the rough streets of New York, Charlie became familiar with life's realities from a very early age.  He worked various jobs from a very young age.

From a construction worker to a Hollywood filmmaker, this man is truly a walking example of the classic rags to riches story.  In Hollywood, Charlie started his career as a Stand-In.  Then, he started doing Extra work.  In time, he started to do stunt-doubling work for his older brother who has already made his unique mark in Hollywood.  Charlie immediately fell in love with this work and moved his family to California.  As his career progressed, Charlie excelled in his craft which led to him achieving great success as a Stuntman, then Stunt Coordinator, and finally Director in the business.  He has directed for famous producers including Aaron Spelling, Steven Cannell, and Joel Silver.  Charlie has worked for the movie studios, the TV networks, and for various independent production companies throughout his long Hollywood career.  He has helmed many famous televisions shows that are now considered legendary by many viewers.  Charlie professionally studied directing at The Beverly Hills Playhouse.  Currently, Charlie is personally putting his own team together to produce a feature film project called "Spaghetti Park" which he will direct.  As a testament to his accomplishments within the Industry, Charlie has been a member of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for 22 years.


Mr. Priestley has been an active member of the film community for over 40 years. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America, American Society of Cinematography and The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences. Mr. Priestley Director of Photography credits include such films as "Barbershop", "Thomas Crown Affair", "Barbershop II", "In Crowd", "Blue Chips", and, most recently "The List" (working title "American Summer", yet to be released). He has had the honor of working with famous directors such as William Friedken, Sydney Pollack, Milos Foreman, Penny Marshall, Sidney Lumet, and Wes Craven. Mr. Priestley experience along with his expertise in the art of cinematography make him an asset to any production.


Doug is a native New Yorker who has over 10 years of production background. Despite his busy schedule, he also has his own family. He started off as a Production Assistant on some notable films such as “Ransom” and “Meet Joe Black”. Later, Doug started getting 2nd Unit Assistant Directing work on features projects which included “Spiderman 3” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. As his career progressed, he also started working as a 2nd Assistant Director on various Hollywood productions such as “Hart’s War” and “Bad Boys 2”. He also worked on a couple of independent features as a 1st Assistant Director in 2007. Doug’s latest projects had him doing more assistant directing work on two upcoming features called “Nowhere Land” and “Starship Dave”. Over the years, Doug has occasionally worked for Charlie Picerni and the two have a solid working relationship.


Justin is a professional Hollywood Production Manager from New York and he has extensive experience dealing with locations and unions. With his solid background, Justin is able to put together a top notch crew for any given show that he works on. He started off his career working as a Production Assistant on notable feature films such as “Ghost”, “The Prince of Tides”, and “The Devil’s Advocate”. Eventually, Justin assistant directed some mainstream shows which included “Sliver” and “Mighty Joe Young”. He also worked on the blockbuster films “Die Hard With A Vengeance” and “Eraser” as a Production Supervisor. Today, he is kept quite busy with his career as a Unit Production Manager on numerous Hollywood movies which included “Jack Frost”, “Hitch”, and most recently “I Am Legend”.


Nancy Young was born and raised in New York where she studied and performed at "The National Improvisational Theatre"! She has also studied at "The Beverly Hills Playhouse" and the "Ivana Chubbuck Studio".

Landed the female lead in the film "Three Days to Vegas” opposite Peter Falk, Rip Torn, George Segal and Billy Burke! Recently worked on the feature films “Takers”, "The Bleeding" and the TV shows "One Tree Hill" and “Castle”!

Recently on stage was the female lead “Karen Andre” in “Ayn Rand’s” “Night of January 16th”, was the female lead "Collette" in “Four Dogs And A Bone", the female lead "Anne Norbury" in "The Sound Of Murder" and the female lead "Phyllis Dickerson" in "Double Indemnity"!

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